Vehicle Requirements

To install and operate our wheelchair & scooter carriers, you will need the correct size hitch for the product you will be using. To verify what hitch sizes are available for your vehicle, visit features Drawtite and Reese brand hitches which can be purchased online at their website. They can also be purchased from any Drawtite or Reese Brand Dealer such as Uhaul.

Please note that each class of hitch has a different load limit and that our wheelchair and scooter carriers require different size hitches.

Please also note that you must NEVER exceed the tongue weight capacity for your hitch.

To calculate tongue weight:

The weight of the wheelchair or scooter carrier
The Load (the wheelchair or scooter, and any accessories such as the swing-away option, sliding ramp, etc)
tongue weight

Please view the chart below to find the class of hitch that is required for each model of our wheelchair and scooter carriers. A Product weight Chart has also been provided.

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