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    Amigo MCX 690000B

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 Amigo MCX 690000B


Experience firsthand why individuals of all sizes adore the Amigo® RT Express. See how its streamlined design and unique features simplify your life. The RT Express easily fits into virtually any trunk, without taking the platform apart. With a 33” turning radius, the RT Express can be used in the narrowest of hallways, making it ideal for use in any indoor environment. And, our powerful rear drive also allows you to navigate over a variety of outdoor surfaces. After trying the RT Express, you’ll appreciate its exclusive ability to enhance your comfort and diminish your mobility limitations. Our user-friendly features provide you with greater flexibility and fewer restrictions. Do more, see more, experience more. Let the Amigo RT Express offer you a world of activity!

Available In:
Cinnamon Red, Champagne Beige or Scuba Blue

  Specifications    Literature




Amigo MCX Accessories

Amigo MCX Accessories

Basket Cane Holder (Part Number: 300295)

MSRP: $8.00    $7.00



Crutch Holder (Part Number: 9913)

MSRP: $135.00   $90.00

Oxygen Tank Holder (Part Number: 9912)

MSRP: $135.00   $90.00

Walker Holder (Part Number: 9911)

MSRP: $109.00   $80.00

 *Seats (replacement seats do not include arms or seat posts)
 **All dimensions listed are approximate seat frame measurements
Premier I Folding (Part Numbers: Black, 300369; Gray, 300219)*

MSRP:$199.00   $140.00


  • 18”W x 17”D x 16”H**
  • Available in black or gray vinyl cushions
  • Our standard, universal seat designed for average and larger framed person
  • Replaceable snap out cushions
  • Removable bottom cushion can be replaced with individual’s own cushion
 Specialty Items
Bumper Tubes w/wheels (Part Number: 9545)

MSRP: $39.00
Contact Senior Assistance to purchase (Click here)
Essential Cushion (Part Number: 8908)

MSRP: $99.00
Contact Senior Assistance to purchase (Click here)
Seat Belt (Part Number: 207000)

MSRP: $38.00
Contact Senior Assistance to purchase (Click here)
Step, Platform (mini) (Part Number: 393000)

MSRP: $175.00
  • For Shorter Legs & Feet
  • Height Selected Step As Required
Stimulite Cushion (Part Number: 10556.20)

MSRP: $390.00
Contact Senior Assistance to purchase (Click here)
Trimline, 9" Rear (Part Number: 7912)

MSRP: $59.85
Contact Senior Assistance to purchase (Click here)

















































































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